What Does it Exactly Take for an AI to Become Perfectly ‘Sentient’?


Thousands of artificial intelligence experts and researchers have been working on AI robots and systems that will revolutionize the future of society. For hundreds of years, humans have dominated the world as ‘sentient’ beings, who are perfectly capable of feelings, thoughts, and reasonings. But with the emergence of humanoid robots and other advancements in the tech industry, we are becoming miles closer to attaining artificially created ‘Sentient’ beings.

Scientists have claimed that, besides, humans almost all mammals, birds, and even underwater creatures cab be considered ‘Sentient’. But artificial intelligence has yet not claimed its position as a ‘Sentient’ being. Instead, AI researchers still have several complexities that they have to overcome to actually attain a fully self-aware artificial intelligence being.

Currently, the debates and discourses regarding the presence of a ‘Sentient’ AI are in play after Google engineer Blake Lemoine revealed that the tech giant has already attained sentience. Google’s LaMDA conversed with Lemoine in such a manner that made him believe that the company has already attained the creation of a sentient AI and is keeping the news behind closed doors. Soon after this revelation, the employee was placed on paid leave last Monday, owing to certain concerns about disclosing confidential company information.

It is not yet confirmed whether Google’s LaMDA is truly a ‘Sentient’ being or not, and it currently seems like the debates and discussions on this would continue until and unless a final conclusion occurs. Several AI experts have also explained their disbelief around the presence of a Sentient AI. It is quite evident that Google’s AI might not actually be sentient but maybe, based on current speculations, the company might actually be close to or working on attaining a sentience AI and change the course of the tech industry forever!

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