Top 5 Best AI Anime Series that Should Watch

AI anime series

The concept of artificial intelligence that was once thought of as science fiction is now slowly creeping its way into modern society. Recently many authors have created stories of the future with sentient machines over the decades and few anime shows focus on AI. This artificial intelligence proves that there’s more to being human than meets the eye. Robots and androids have been a part of anime since the beginning. One is the anime must center around artificial intelligence very early into the story like the main character is a robot, or the main villain is a robot, or the technology used to progress the story uses AI.

Stand By Me Doraemon

Doraemon is a robot cat whose sole task is to help the dim-witted Nobita get his life sorted out, otherwise, Nobita will end up not marrying his childhood sweetheart Shizuka. Nobita is a kindhearted boy and sees Doraemon as an inseparable companion and friend. Viewers can see it in the eventual parting scene near the end.

Casshern Sins

This AI anime series depicts robots that have been ruling the world and the rest of the human race for quite a while. The series is a reboot of Shinzou Ningen Casshern from the 70s, featuring a new setting, a new story, and new character backgrounds. Casshern Sins is mainly about the ultimate fight between robots and humans for survival.

Yuri Yuri

Yuri Yuri is a long-running show that shows up multiple times in the top animes lists. This lighthearted comedy series follows the members of the Amusement Club as they fawn over each other and do amusing things, all while the supposed main character is ignored as part of a running gag.

Eve no Jikan

Eve no Jikan is a wonderful film about humans coexisting with androids without the idea of war. The anime plot line dives deeper into politics, and it is more focused on individuals. The story revolves around Sakisaka Rikou, a high school student, who is extremely polite and soft spoke.


Hal is a movie about how a mere man-made machine is able to help a human whose loved ones have perished. It demonstrates a future where humans and machines can form emotional bonds with each other.

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