Top 10 Crypto Exchange APIs to Look for in 2022


Let us have a look at the top 10 crypto exchange APIs to lookout for in 2022

The explosive growth in the value of a majority of cryptocurrencies has increased attention and investments like never before. One term that has gained wide popularity pertaining to the cryptocurrency market is of “Application Programming Interface” (API). API has made it way easier for the users (either customer of the service or developers) to interface with cryptocurrency exchanges, execute trades, pull data, and receive data in real-time. With that said, let us have a look at the top 10 crypto exchange APIs to look out for in 2022.

Binance API

Evidently enough, Binance is one of the largest single market players. As far as Binance API is concerned, it allows the users to execute trades on the platform using third-party applications. It is a free-to-use API and has relatively few issues or bugs.

Crypto Compare

A point worth a mention is that Crypto Compare combines an exchange API with a news gathering and historical data hub. This ultimately implies that the users always have access to the information they need. This Application Programming Interface boasts of handling more than 800 trades per second, 40,000 calls per second, and sourcing news from 50 different reliable providers.

CoinBase API

CoinBase API is unique in every possible way – it has the flexibility to act as an exchange API, a wallet, or any number of other cryptocurrency functions. How amazing is that? Yet another point to note is that it offers direct connections to other CoinBase wallets. This ultimately means that the user can handle transactions directly with another user. All this – without having to first go to a crypto marketplace.


Nomics API has gained wide attention because of its near-real-time trading. Here, there aren’t any rate time limits. Additionally, it boasts of an extensive library of historical data on each of its currencies. Personal usage of Nomics API comes free.


If you have been searching for a crypto exchange API that makes accessing and trading on the cryptocurrency market easier, then your search ends right at Kucoin API.  Not only do you get access to a wide range of different cryptocurrencies but also get a list of reputable and easy-to-use currencies before lesser-known or less valuable forms of cryptocurrency.


Poloneix, recognized as the world’s heftiest crypto exchange, offers APIs for linking with the exchange over WebSocket and HTTP. Both, WebSocket and HTTP deliver access to the public data read as well as to private account read.


Messari API grabbed eyeballs for the very reason that it is a platform aimed at collecting crypto data and analysing charts. This further paves the way for investors to make better investment decisions. It has both, free as well as a premium versions for the users to take advantage of.

Coin Market Cap API

Yet another renowned crypto exchange API is Coin Market Cap API. It is widely appreciated for its ability to provide a variety of different ways to view and interpret market information and currency trends. In addition to this, one can also access currency valuation at a glance,


What sets LunarCrush apart from the rest is the fact that it makes use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., to organize information about different cryptocurrencies. All this has made LunarCrush one of the most dependable social media providers in the cryptocurrency market in no time. API

This simple yet innovative crypto exchange API is one of the best platforms to rely on, if you want to search live news, blogs, etc. With this application programming interface, you get access to news data analysis for emotion, sentiment, intent, etc, historical news data and so much more.

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