Superb AI vs Unravel Data: The Best DataOps Stock to Buy in 2022


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DataOps refers to the data management practices that control the flow of information from source to value, speeding up the process of deriving value from data. DataOps is not just about the tools and processes; it defines a greater cultural shift that breaks down the complexities between the ‘data backend’ and the ‘data frontend’. If practiced, DataOps tries to solve some of the data management challenges to ensure quick and quality analytics for the users. A number of data pipelines have grown with requirements of data analysis, scientists, and data-driven applications resulting in data silos with no connection to other pipelines, datasets, and producers. Bad data quality causes a loss of credibility in the entire analytics setup and leaves the whole program in jeopardy. DataOps helps overcome these hurdles and complexities and helps deliver analytics efficiently. This article will help you choose the best DataOps stock between Superb AI and Unravel Data to invest in for 2022.

Superb AI is an end-to-end training data platform that automates data preparation at scale and makes it easy to generate and iterate on datasets. Superb AI, which was founded in 2018 by data scientists, academicians, and machine learning engineers, is revolutionizing the way teams of all sizes label, manage, curate, and provide training data. Excellent AI enables businesses of all sizes to develop and deploy computer vision solutions more quickly than ever before. The latest funding of the company is US$11.6 million.

Unravel Data is a full-stack and sophisticated AI-powered Automated Performance Management (APM) platform for big data. In a self-service DataOps environment, Unravel Data ensures app stability and performance, maximizes cost savings (across storage, compute, and users), and boosts productivity. Unravel Data supports all big data applications, including ETL, analytics, machine learning, SQL, and streaming, for both on-premise and cloud settings, operating on popular big data systems like Hadoop and Spark. The latest funding of the company is US$57.2 million.

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