PTC vs Zebra Technologies: Which Robotics Stock is the Best for you?


Tech companies are innovating more robotics technologies, as a result, robotics stocks are doing good

Businesses across the globe are trying to automate enterprise processes to boost efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction. Robotics and automation have simplified operations in manufacturing, healthcare, IT, and other business processes. Many companies are already collaborating with human workers and robotics equally to mimic laborious human tasks, accelerating operations and transforming business processes. This phenomenon has dramatically accelerated the demand for robotics and automation technologies. Several tech companies are now innovating more advanced robotics technologies, which is boosting the advancement of this sector, along with their own, as a result, robotics stocks have performed extremely well in 2021 and still doing good. This article provides a comparative analysis of the top two robotics stocks- PTC and Zebra Technologies. Pick the best robotics stock for you.

PTC Inc. operates as a software and services company in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The company operates in two segments, Software Products, and Professional Services. It offers the ThingWorx platform, which offers a set of capabilities that enable enterprises to digitally transform every aspect of their business with innovative solutions that are simple to create, easy to implement, scalable to meet future needs, and designed to enable customers to accelerate time to value; and Vuforia, which enables the visualization of digital information in a physical context and the creation of AR. Its current robotics stock is US$1.05, 0.68% up from the previous close.

Zebra Technologies Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, provides enterprise asset intelligence solutions in the automatic identification and data capture solutions industry worldwide. It operates in two segments, Asset Intelligence & Tracking and Enterprise Visibility & Mobility. The company designs manufacture and sell printers, which produce labels, wristbands, tickets, receipts, and plastic cards; dye-sublimation thermal card printers, which produce images that are used for personal identification, access control, and financial transactions; RFID printers that encode data into passive RFID transponders. Its current robotics stock is US$315.66, 4.56% down from the previous close.

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