MetaOneVerse Launches Dapp Wallet to Support Ethereum and BSC Chain Networks


Dubai, June 13 — MetaOneVerse, a hyper-deflationary token, has launched its first Dapp wallet that will support a variety of blockchain networks including Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain.

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The Wallet also aims to increase transparency and user engagement through the creation of multiple user profiles, currency support, and wallet creations. To support decentralized exchanges, the Dapp wallet has been launched in three phases which will create, scale, innovation, and multiple wallet integrations.

The first phase will be capturing and supporting multi-chain networks like Ethereum and BSC chain network, Hot/cold wallet integration import and export of private key, 2FA, Biometric Authentication on login and every transaction, In-app Dex aggregator: pancake swap for users to buy tokens directly by swapping BNB tokens and buy function to help user directly buy BNB from the wallet itself.

The second phase will see Dapp wallet support purchase and staking of NFT. Users will be able to purchase NFT by using MetaOneVerse Wallet and can stake them to earn passive income.

The third phase will have the MetaOneVerse Dapp wallet offer Web3 products which will also help users secure a massive passive income as well.

The MetaOneVerse wallet will be one of the most advanced Dapp wallets, allowing users to securely and easily store all of their tokens in one place. MetaOneVerse hopes to create a productive user acquisition funnel through Dapp integration in order to multiple user engagements on the platform. The primary objective of MetaOneVerse is to provide users with a meaningful, rewarding, and impactful experience.

MetaOneVerse has announced taking over NFT and Metaverse by storm, announcing a Metaverse built on their own Blockchain Technologies.

About MetaOneVerse

MetaOneVerse is a hyper-deflationary Token and full-stack ecosystem with such modules as Metaverse Development, Staking, NFT Marketplace, Play to Earn Games and Blockchain. This project provides a rewarding token to benefit holders with BUSD dividends for holding their token with amazing staking APY. They also have advanced Cex coming with many features where investors can earn any BSC-pegged tokens by staking their M1Verse tokens.

MetaOneVerse is in a very early stage and at a low MC which is around 2.3 Million only, eyeing an industry that could be trillions of dollars in coming years, similar projects: Decentraland or Sandbox are at billions of dollars Market cap now.

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