CGNX vs CYBE: In Which Computer Vision Stock Should you Invest in?

Computer vision stock
Computer vision stock

Being an investor you can make fortunes by investing in the best computer vision stock

Computer vision technology has already become an integral part of your life. It’s used by your iPhone for facial recognition, when you switch your Tesla to autopilot, or when your friends appear as augmented reality zombies in your weekly group chat on Messenger. The technology also appears in many industrial machine vision solutions, like sorting output on production lines or managing warehouse logistics. Coupled with AI algorithms, computer vision solutions are now able to make autonomous decisions based on many different kinds of visual data. In this article, you can find the best computer vision stock from the comparative analysis made featured between Cognex Corporation and CyberOptics Corporation.

Cognex Corporation (CGNX) is a Natick, Massachusetts-based corporation founded in 1981. The company offers machine vision products for the manufacturing and distribution industries to improve operational efficiency by automating business processes. The computer vision products from CGNX help automate manufacturing operations and track discrete items, including automobile tires, smartphones, aspirin bottles, and others, by locating, inspecting, and measuring the items by monitoring them throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. VisionPro is the proprietary software suite from CGNX, which brings in various tools for advanced machine vision programming. Its current computer vision stock is US$43.72, a 1.63% rise from the previous close.

CyberOptics Corporation (CYBE) is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based manufacturer of high-precision sensing technology solutions. Founded in 1984, the company is one of the leading suppliers of precision sensors used in metrology, surface mount technology, and semi-conductor markets to enhance productivity and yields. The company also manufactures strobe inspection modules used in 2D automated optical inspection systems. CYBE mainly sells its products to manufacturers of SMT electronic assembly circuit boards, semi-conductor manufacturers, end-users, and outsourced semi-conductor assembling companies. Its current computer vision stock is US$39.03, a 3.97% rise from the previous close.

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