Cardano (ADA) Sinks Deeper, As Bitgert Stability (BRISE) Wows Investors


Key Points:

  • Cardano has sunk deeper this week
  • Bitgert continues to impress
  • Bitgert continues to get new investors

The crypto market is on a downturn today, and it looks like this might be the case for the next few days. The massive withdrawals have been driven by the expected Fed’s rate hike as inflation keeps soaring. Cardano has become one of the large cryptocurrencies hit by the current bearish market condition.

The Cardano price dropped to $0.44 today. Although this morning has seen the Cardano chain try to make some recovery, the market still looks bearish. So it will be difficult for the Cardano coin to close the day at $0.50. In fact, crypto experts say that Cardano’s price might drop further in the coming days.

This is as the Fed’s hike rate takes effect in the stock and crypto market. Therefore, the Cardano coin price might go even lower in the next few days. According to the crypto analysts, Cardano might see the price drop below $0.4, which is the current support level. This will definitely be bad news for the Cardano holders, but looking at the sharp decline, it is possible for Cardano to drop further.

On the other hand, Bitgert (BRISE) has impressed crypto investors when Cardano is dropping. The Bitgert price has been bullish, with yesterday’s price growing by 20%. This was when Cardano was down by double digits. Bitgert has been performing well during the bear market, and the current bullish performance is not an exception.

In fact, Bitgert has maintained a bullish growth throughout this year compared to the likes of Cardano, which have been plummeting. There are a number of things that have Bitgert as one of the best-performing crypto coins. The ever-bullish Bitgert coin is one of the reasons. Cardano holders and many other investors love the bullish nature of the Bitgert coin.

The Bitgert ecosystem is the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem right now. In fact, the Bitgert team has been delivering the roadmap faster than even Cardano. The huge number of Bitgert products and projects that the Bitgert team has delivered over the past few months is the reason Bitgert adoption is high.

Apart from the upcoming Bitgert products and projects, the huge number of new Bitgert investors is also a key factor in the growing Bitgert coin price. Many whales from even large coins like Cardano are joining Bitgert. In fact, Bitgert holders’ accounts reached 150k in the last few days. These are reasons why Bitgert price has been bullish in the current bearish market.

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