Avalanche Holders are Now Capitalizing on Bitgert Backed Projects

Key Points:

  • Avalanche holders have been joining Bitgert
  • The number of Bitgert backed projects continues to grow
  • Bitgert Backed projects are now multimillion marketcaps

As the Avalanche (AVAX) struggles with the crashing crypto market and the price plummeting for 6 months straight, the number of sell-offs has been increasing. What the selling avalanche holders are doing is joining other crypto projects that are mooning. Bitgert (BRISE) tops among the crypto projects that have received most of the Avalanche selling holders.

There is so much about Bitgert backed projects that is attracting Avalanche holders, but the possibility of making some good profits is one of them. The BRISE has been bullish during the bear market. In fact, when Avalanche has been plummeting, Bitgert has been posting impressive growth.

But Avalanche holders are more interested in the Bitgert backed projects, with so many of them buying these projects. The Bitgert project has a program called the Startup Studio, which enables developers to list their projects on the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain through the Sphynx Lab DEX. The DEX enables BRISE holders (Avalanche holders) to buy these tokens and make profits as they grow.

There are almost 30 Bitgert projects that have been launched on the Bitgert supported DEX. Among them are OmniaVerse, Miidas, Brise Paradise, VeFi Network, Numitor, BrisePad, Youngparrot, and many others. Most of these Bitgert projects have become multimillion marketcap projects. Some of the Bitgert projects have shown the potential of growing their marketcaps from zero to over billions without venture capital investments.

What attracts Avalanche investors is that they are gaining in two ways. The Bitgert BRISE tokens they are holding will keep surging, and the tokens from Bitgert backed projects will keep growing. With the ability of these Bitgert projects marketcaps growing from zero to millions and billions of dollars marketcaps, then it means that Avalanche has the potential to make good profits. That’s why many Avalanche holders are selling to join Bitgert and buy Bitgert backed projects.

Bitgert Startup Studio is bringing more projects to the Bitgert chain. There are 1000+ new projects that will be added to the Bitgert ecosystem in the next 12 months. Bitgert team has promised that 3+ new projects will be launched every week.

Therefore, more Avalanche holders might be joining Bitgert in the next few months, especially if the crypto market continues to crash. With Bitgert backed projects, Avalanche holders will be able to make good profits and probably recover their losses.

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