Avalanche (AVAX) Community Is Now Recovering At Bitgert (BRISE)


Key Points

  • Avalanche (AVAX) Plummets below $15
  • The Bitgert price remains bullish
  • Bitgert still shows signs of bullish growth

The last few weeks have seen the number of Avalanche (AVAX) community members joining Bitgert (BRISE) increase rapidly. This is after the Brise project kept posting impressive growth and developments. The bullish Bitgert price growth, especially during this bear market, is one of the major reasons why many crypto investors are joining Bitgert.

Avalanche (AVAX) holders have been eyeing, Bitgert for some time now. This can be seen for the time that Avalanche investors started joining Bitgert. Immediately after the team launched the BRC20 blockchain, the crypto community started having an interest in the project. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is a gasless chain and has addressed the issue of the expensive gas fees.

The Bitgert chain gas fee is $0.0000000000001, which is very lower than what Avalanche network is offering. The Bitgert chain is also the fastest blockchain in the market right now. In fact, Bitgert 100k TPS makes Avalanche appear very slow. The fact that Bitgert is an EVM machine is what makes it a tough Avalanche competitor.

Therefore, the Bitgert blockchain has the potential to outperform Avalanche as the best alternative for Ethereum users. The mass adoption of the Brise chain is one of the reasons why the Bitgert coin is bullish. It is also the reason why Avalanche holders are joining Bitgert in large numbers.

Have Avalanche holders been recouping losses at Bitgert? The answer is yes. In the recent bearish market condition where most crypto coins declined by over 20%, Bitgert was among the coin that kept the price bullish. In fact, Brise posted a 25% growth in just 24 hours when the market was crumbling.

Therefore, Avalanche holders that had invested in Bitgert made good returns out of the coin. Bitgert has so many developments coming up, and the coin’s potential to explode this year is very high. The upcoming Bitgert products in the roadmap V2 and the hundreds of the Bitgert backed projects promise a bullish coin.

Therefore, Avalanche holders might continue joining Bitgert because of the powerful blockchain the team is building. Bitgert blockchain project is gearing for mass adoption, and that’s why it is the next big thing.

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