Adobe vs Salesforce: Best Cloud Computing Stock to Buy

Cloud computing
Cloud computing

Study the comparison between Adobe and Salesforce to pick the best cloud computing stock

Investors are well-aware that cloud computing is the future of business technology. In many cases, they are adding stocks like NVIDIA, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alibaba to their portfolios, because these are the companies leading the way in cloud computing infrastructure. However, there is more to investing in the cloud than focusing on companies that offer cloud services. In this article, we will compare two cloud computing stocks- Adobe and Salesforce.

Software company Adobe got its start in an IT era that predates both the cloud and the internet. But it has transformed itself into a leader in cloud services by adapting its large and expanding platform to the cloud era. Adobe’s core competencies in providing creative software and document editing have made it a staple of digital transformation. Its current cloud computing stock is US$416.4, 2.74% down from the previous close.

When talking about cloud computing, Salesforce needs to be part of the conversation. Salesforce, Inc. provides customer relationship management technology that brings companies and customers together worldwide. Salesforce’s recent takeover of remote work and collaboration tool Slack will likely put it on a collision course with Microsoft’s Teams collaboration suite. Due to its success in becoming a full-blown tech platform for businesses of all types and sizes, Salesforce is also a top way to play smaller cloud upstarts. Its current cloud computing stock is US$160.24, 2.94% down from the previous close.

Adobe expects the total addressable markets for its Creative, Document, and Experience Clouds to expand significantly by 2023. However, it hasn’t set any exact revenue growth targets for the next few years. Salesforce also expects all of its end markets to expand as companies manage more customer relationships online, migrate more data to the cloud, automate tasks, and make more data-driven decisions. Last December, Salesforce predicted it would more than double its annual revenues to over US$50 billion by fiscal 2026. On that note, Adobe and Salesforce are both great cloud software stocks.

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