Web 3 Cryptos to Buy in 2022: Axie Infinity (ASX), Theta Network (THETA), and FIREPIN Token (FRPN)

Cryptocurrency assets are becoming the ultimate investment options even after their volatility

If you are looking forward to investing in cryptocurrency, market-leading coins might be out of your budget. These coins, however, are becoming more and more successful by the day, and the sooner you invest, the better.

Understand The Current Market Landscape

Web 3 is widely perceived as the next generation of technology that will drive all human technologies in the future.

There are some cryptocurrencies that are working towards making Web 3 technologies more accessible for retail users.

You can potentially gain handsome profits by investing in such coins. These three cryptos are Axie Infinity (AXS), FIREPIN Token (FRPN), and Theta Network (THETA). Read on to learn more about the use cases of these coins and why you should invest in them. 

Axie Infinity is among the top 10 coins accumulated by whales

Ethereum whales have started an accumulation spree for the AXS Token and it has reclaimed its space in the top 10 coins currently registering strong volume buys.

The data was shared by Whalestats, a site that tracks huge purchases.

The Axie Infinity metaverse empire has pioneered an entire revolution of play to earn games and is one of the most popular coins available today.

The AXS Token is used inside the metaverse gaming ecosystem and is a potential multi-bagger that can be considered for long-term gains. 

Theta Network announces the launch of Rewarded TV

The Theta Network has announced the launch of Rewarded TV on apple devices.

It will help users to earn attractive cryptocurrency and NFT rewards and watch ad-free shows. Users will be able to earn RPLAY, a reward token that will be redeemable.

It provides another avenue for the greater adoption and usage of the THETA Token.

The Theta Network seeks to change how users consume digital content and is widely considered one of the leading streaming service platforms for the future.

The announcement was made via a tweet, “Rewarded TV, our #blockchain-enabled streaming service powered by @Theta_Network P2P video, is now live in alpha on iOS! Watch your favorite movies and tv shows from your iPhone or iPad, with no ads or subscriptions!”

Invest in Web 3 metaverse with the FIREPIN Token

The FRPN Token will help in building and powering a community built around the Web 3 metaverse. People, information, things, and locations can all remain connected on Web 3.

The FIREPIN Token ecosystem will consist of a metaverse empire which will include virtual reality and game development. Users will be able to access a virtual world where they will be able to play games and interact with each other powered by the Firepin network. 

The FIREPIN Token network will also allow users to trade NFTs. They will be deployed on multiple networks so users will be able to save on expensive transaction fees. Users will also be able to trade fractionalized versions or child NFTs.  

It will run a swap protocol where users will be able to convert and exchange coins easily. The FRPN Token will run on multiple networks even though it will be deployed initially on the BNB chain. 

A passive income generating mechanism is built into the tokenomics of the FIREPIN Token ecosystem. All holders will receive additional tokens each time a transaction takes place.

By holding tokens in your wallet, you earn more coins and watch your holdings grow bigger without actively participating or trading.

Another way to make money with the FIREPIN ecosystem is to stake or engage in yield farming. The income generated depends on the number of tokens staked or provided for liquidity mining. So it makes sense to accumulate more tokens during the presale phase and earn more rewards through staking or yield farming in the future. 

The FRPN Token can be bought via a presale currently accessible here. We have shared important links below and you can also join the social media channels to find out more information about the FIREPIN Token. 

Join FIREPIN Token’s Presale:

Join Presale: https://presale.firepin.io/register

Website: https://firepin.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/FIREPINOFFICIAL

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