Top 5 Amazing Facts About Bitgert That can Make You FOMO


Bitgert is posing a tough competition to some of the most critical cryptocurrencies in the world

Key Points:

  • Bitgert has the fastest-growing blockchain
  • BRC20 chain mass adoption
  • Bitgert backed projects

It goes without saying that Bitgert is the hottest crypto project right now. This can be seen from the ever-rising trend on Google and the fast-growing number of token holders. The bullish coin, even during the bear market, shows how well Bitgert (BRISE) is doing in the market.

Buying Bitgert might be the best investment decision a crypto investor can make today. But what might make you FOMO about Bitgert? Well, here are 5 amazing facts about Bitgert you should know:

1. Fastest-growing Ecosystem

The fast-growing ecosystem is one of the reasons why many crypto investors are buying Bitgert. Since the Brise project launched about 9 months ago, the team has accomplished so much products and projects delivery. Bitgert team has built and launched its own blockchain, BRC20, which was achieved in the 200 days of the project launch.

Bitgert BRC20 is still the most adopted chain today. The Bitgert team has multiple products and projects coming up and on short timelines. The roadmap V2 has the list of products and their delivery timelines, which are quite short. So the fastest-growing ecosystem is a major reason investors are buying Bitgert.

2. First zero gas fee blockchain

The fact about the Bitgert is that it has the first zero gas fee chain. Bitgert BRC20 is the only blockchain in the world that charges $0.0000000000001 for the gas fee. This is the lowest gas fee in the world and has been the reason why the Bitgert chain is experiencing massive adoption. The ongoing mass adoption of the Bitgert chain is projected to keep skyrocketing Bitgert price.

3. Bitgert Startup Studio

The attractive thing about the Bitgert project is the Startup Studio programs. This is a program that is bringing hundreds of projects to the Brise ecosystem and, at the same time, helping developers get funds. In fact, Bitgert is getting a lot of attention because of the huge number of projects coming into the Bitgert ecosystem from the Startup Studio. 1000+ projects will be added to this ecosystem in the 12 months. There are over 30 Bitgert backed projects launched so far. These projects are going to grow the Bitgert coin adoption.

4. Massive Adoptions

Bitgert is a project that is expected to experience mass adoption. This will be through the multiple disruptive products and projects coming on the Bitgert chain. This will automatically grow the price of the Bitgert coin, which will reward investors in a big way.

5. Shall Do 100x

The other fact about Bitgert you need to know is the potential to explode by a massive percentage. Crypto experts say that Bitgert has the potential to increase 100x. This is because of the mass adoption that the Bitgert project will be getting due to its disruptive ecosystem.

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