Top 10 Ingenious Robotic Drone Makers to Lookout for in 2022

robotic drone
robotic drone

Robotic drones have existed for a long known by the name UAVs, but the inventions that have been happening in the recent times are epic

Robotic drones have evolved from being a rare technological marvel to being adopted in everyday lives. Robotic drones have existed for a long, known by the name UAVs, but the inventions that have been happening in recent times are epic. On the one hand, while the leading countries like the USA are preparing for using robotic drones as weapons in their war strategies, on the other hand, robotic inventions like SNAG (stereotyped nature-inspired grasper) make forays into earlier uncharted territories, seems there is no limit to their applications. This is all because of the foresight of innovative drone manufacturing companies, who bring out drones enhanced with novel features every other time. One can choose from a wide range of categories like quadcopters, and hexacopters made with different materials, from foam to high-grade materials like carbon fiber used in their manufacturing. Check out these top 10 robotic drone companies which are making rapid strides in robotic drone manufacturing.


Uvify is a smart robot drone manufacturing company whose specialisation lies in making racing drones. Draco and mini OOri are known for their indoor flying capabilities. They are already on their way to making AI-enabled drones, whose updates are yet to be released. IFO, an award-winning high-performance drone designed to perform a choreographed light show, is the latest addition to their basket.

Free Fly:

It is a camera manufacturing company, known for building high-end camera rigs and gimbals. The drones made by Free Fly come with cameras suspended below or mounted above the surface to shoot the video above the plane of flying. Though they do not fare better in terms of size, their load carrying capacity is far superior to others. The Alta 8 can take 40lbs of payload compared to DJI’s 13 lbs.

Air Hogs Drones:

Air Hog Drones manufactures a host of novelty and licensed toy drones. Batman, Star Wars, Star Treck, are a few among many unique drones manufactured by this foam drone maker. Unique designs are their USP in the realm of toy drones as their craft includes quadcopters, odd-ball designed fliers, airplanes, etc., and they benefit from licensing deals from big names in the industry.

Autel Robotic Drones:

Though Autel doesn’t make a large number of drones, the very few drones made by this company are known for their versatility and functionality. Putting cameras into the sky is what this company does, catering to domestic and commercial needs. Modular cameras and multiple remotes make Autel drones more powerful than many other robotic drones on the market.

DJI Drones:

A well-known name in the market of drone manufacturing is a leader in making the often-imitated Phantom drone. Their other iconic creations include Mavic Pro, a folding drone, and the winged Matrice drones. DJI constantly keeps adding new features and accessories to its newer versions which are delivered without fail year after year.

Hubsan Drones:

Occupying the top position in the toy-class segment of drones, Hubsan is making some amazing drones ranging from nano to rigs, with a capacity to carry around a GoPro type camera. Though they have higher-end offerings, their sub $100 variants, which come with stable flight and responsive controls for GPS routing and HD cameras are worth a buy.

Parrot Drones:

Best known for its Bebop drone, now it is making waves for its new creation Parrot Anafi, which can point the camera straight up as well as down. Unlike other consumer drones, its flight range is not limited to a few kilometers. As it can be operated on 4G, there is no need for it to use radiofrequency to communicate with the controller. Other lesser-known toys in their collection include VTOL fixed-wing craft and ANAFI USA.

Yuneec Drones:

Though known for their toy class drone, Breeze, the majority of their products cater to high-end camera drone needs. Bulky in size, they come with good battery life to carry a camera into the sky. Enhanced with Intel RealSense visioning systems, the drones come with exceptional object avoidance and detection capabilities. Typhoon H plus and Yuneec H520E/520 are the two drones that they are currently marketing.


It is a drone-making company that specifically makes drones for firefighting in deep forests. The Seattle-based company uses a swarm of drones to carry and spread seeds in areas inside the forests where they are likely to grow well. The drones are capable of delivering seeds in ‘vessels’ that are designed to keep them hydrated and protected from animals.


Designed as an alternative to DJI drones, they come with 4K cameras for video and images, a thermal camera, and a powerful Nvidia chip for image processing and computer vision. They can fly autonomously, and have excellent obstacle avoidance capabilities. Skydio holds the privilege of being a trusted player, with top companies like Andreseen Horowitz, Levitate Capital, Next47, IVP, Playground, and NVIDIA as their partners and investors.

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