Top 10 AI Stocks to Buy after Selling Your Cryptocurrencies


These top 10 AI stocks will bring you a lot of profit after your cryptocurrencies are sold.

After selling your cryptocurrencies, you must be looking for the most profitable stocks to invest your money in. Well, AI stocks are currently the hottest in the market as their software solutions are being used in almost every industry. From start-ups to business giants, everyone is interested in implementing AI into their business operations. Here are the top 10 AI stocks you can buy for a better profit after selling your cryptocurrencies.



Nvidia’s data center business represents a steadily increasing share of the company’s total revenue. This segment isn’t all AI-related — Nvidia’s graphics cards are used to accelerate a wide variety of data center applications. But Artificial Intelligence is one of the driving forces behind the company’s growth. High-end chipmaker Nvidia is providing the massive processing power advanced AI applications will need. One of the fastest supercomputers, Leonardo, is powered by Nvidia graphics processing units.


International Business Machines Corp.

IBM’s strategy with AI is to apply the technology in ways that augment human intelligence, increase efficiency, or lower costs. In the healthcare industry, IBM’s AI technology is being used to create individualized care plans, accelerate the process of bringing new drugs to market, and improve the quality of care. In the financial services industry, via the company’s 2016 acquisition of Promontory Financial Group, IBM is using Artificial Intelligence to help clients with the daunting task of financial regulatory compliance.


Alphabet Inc

Google and YouTube parent company Alphabet uses AI and automation in virtually every facet of its business, from ad pricing to content promotion to email spam filters. Alphabet has AI and machine learning advantages across its product range, and Artificial Intelligence could help the company further fine-tune its industry-leading online advertising business over time.


Micron Technology, Inc

Micron Technology manufactures memory chips, including dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) and NAND flash memory found in solid-state storage drives. Most of what the company makes are commodity products, meaning that supply and demand dictate pricing. In the future, demand for memory chips will only grow, and that’s especially true in the Artificial Intelligence industry. Self-driving cars are a good example. All the sensors and cameras produce a lot of data around 1 GB per second, according to Micron estimates. Data centers running AI processes need plenty of memory and so do smartphones that may be doing AI work.


Microsoft Corp.

In 2020, Microsoft announced the construction of a new supercomputer hosted in Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing network. The supercomputer was built in collaboration with OpenAI LP to train AI models with the ultimate goal of producing large AI models and related infrastructure for other organizations and developers. In late 2021, Microsoft also debuted Context IQ, an Artificial Intelligence application that can predict, seek and suggest information for employees. Inc

Amazon uses artificial intelligence for everything from Alexa, its industry-leading voice-activated technology, to its cashier-less grocery stores, to Amazon Web Services Sagemaker, the cloud infrastructure tool that deploys high-quality machine learning models for data scientists and developers. Amazon’s e-commerce business is also built on Artificial Intelligence since algorithms run its top-flight recommendation engines for e-commerce and video and music streaming. AI is how Amazon determines product rankings.


Meta Platforms Inc.

Facebook parent company Meta Platforms has already applied AI technology to its news feed and advertising algorithms, drawing heat from critics who say the company prioritizes engagement and conflict over user safety and societal stability. Meta is now shifting focus to applying AI technology to developing the metaverse, a digital world in which users interact in an immersive virtual environment. Inc is a SaaS company whose software allows companies to deploy large AI applications. The company’s tools help its customers accelerate software development and reduce cost and risk, and they have a wide variety of applications. For example, the U.S. Air Force uses C3 AI Readiness to predict aircraft systems failures, identify spare parts, and find new ways to increase mission capability. European utility company Engie (OTC: ENGIY) is using C3 AI to analyze energy consumption and reduce energy expenditures.



NICE is a leading provider of software applications that manage call center operations and customer interactions. NICE’s AI and machine learning technology also streamlines fraud detection and regulatory compliance. The company’s AI helps businesses categorize and analyze voice communications, leveraging the power of data analytics to improve business interactions with contact center teams.


DocuSign Inc.

Electronic signature and document automation specialist DocuSign has been investing heavily in AI technology to make contracts and documentation more efficient. Contract AI can help businesses automatically sort through millions of pages of contracts, court cases, and regulatory provisions and easily flag potential sources of legal problems, privacy issues, security vulnerabilities, or even regulatory breaches.

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