Logarithmic Finance (LOG) Presale Stuns Investors as BNB (BNB) Stays Green After Market Crash

Logarithmic FinanceEven after a major market crash, cryptocurrencies like BNB are doing good.

The recent market crash has left many investors scared to touch their crypto assets as the market stays red. But BNB (BNB) remains green as Logarithmic Finance (LOG) presales show massive success.


Why The Market Crashed

Last week, crypto showed its volatility in a massive market crash. Many were left fearing for their investments as these turned red; this includes some of the most famous crypto billionaires who suffered losses of millions.

As digital currencies plunge in value, most have begun questioning if cryptocurrency is actually a safer alternative to traditional real-life currencies.

Although the majority of investors continue to show concern about the current landscape of the market and some sold their investments amid fears of a new recession. Mostly due to high inflation and global economic tumult.

However, certain coins remain strong and continue to assert their position in the market. Recently, BNB has turned green while Logarithmic Finance stuns investors with a massive price value increase.

Crypto Investments

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Binance (BNB)

Binance joined the crypto market in July 2017 and since then, has become the biggest cryptocurrency exchange when measured by daily trading volume.

The meaning behind the name Binance aims to offer a new paradigm in global finance, which is Binary Finance.

It was created with the primary aim of bringing cryptocurrency exchanges to the global forefront of financial activity and is used mostly to pay transaction and trading fees on the Binance exchange.

Although Binance (BNB) prides itself on being the largest global cryptocurrency exchange, the team behind Binance designed and launched an ecosystem of functionalities for investors.

This crypto exchange platform also has its utility crypto asset, BNB. The tokens can be used for investing as well as payment processing. The token supports the Binance Smart Chain which is home to a variety of undervalued cryptocurrencies.

The BNB token can also be further exchanged for other cryptocurrency assets, such as Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). The BNB price today is $292,31 with a live market cap of $47.7 Billion.


Logarithmic Finance

Logarithmic Finance (LOG) is a revolutionary platform that has recently joined the crypto sphere. The token is currently in presale which makes it the best opportunity for you to buy it, and acquire LOG tokens for a premium price.

The platform aims to become the next-generation DeFi Layer 3 swapping protocol and it was initially designed and developed to promote seamless connectivity between early-stage innovators and investors.

Logarithmic Finance is a multi-chain network and has partnerships with major blockchain platforms such as Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), Ethereum (ETH), Avalanche (AVAX), and many more. These partnerships were developed to create a connected web of decentralized blockchains and aid in blockchain interoperability.

The platform has shown concern for the current NFT hype and contains an advanced NFT platform where investors can swap their cryptocurrency for NFTs easily.

LOG is currently in presale and leverages the ERC-20 standard. The token has been successful and gained a more than 44% increase in price value since the start of its presale.

Plenty of crypto experts claim that buying when the market is fed can actually be beneficial as you can acquire tokens for a premium price; one other strategy to guarantee the cheapest prices with crypto is investing in presales. Join in today and start earning with BNB and LOG.

Logarithmic Finance

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