Instagram to Act as a Free Platform to Showcase ETH, SOL, etc as NFTs


Instagram will soon introduce ETH, SOL, and other cryptos to offer NFT facilities to its users.

NFTs have become a major part of the crypto market. Investors are joining the NFT market to make sure that they not only invest in digital assets to generate monetary gains but also has invested in assets like NFTs to possess cultural and artistic possessions, digitally. Capitalizing on this trend is Meta’s Instagram platform which recently announced that it will be integrating NFTs from other non-fungible platforms like Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon. Initially, the platform will allow its users in the US to display their minted NFTs for free. Along with this, Meta also plans on adding a new feature to the app, called the MetaMask which will prove to be a tool for the ownership of NFTs. With the help of this feature, NFT artists and creators can tag other artists that contributed to their piece, attracting more audiences to Instagram and also encouraging the adoption of blockchain technology.

Instagram’s ingress towards NFTs is not as much surprising as you might think. In December, a top executive from Instagram mentioned that the platform actively supports NFTs and hinted that the company was planning on entering the market quite soon. Meta is also planning on integrating NFTs as Facebook group memberships. The members will also be able to create their own coins. This increased corporate interest in NFTs is greatly benefitting investors. Also, the rising interest in the metaverse and Web 3.0 is changing the dimensions of all social media platforms.

Meanwhile, the NFT market is struggling to retain its market dominance amid the dwindling cryptocurrency prices, increased involvement of big tech companies in the market is making it quite easier for NFT creators to stay relevant and create spectacular pieces amid drastic financial situations in the digital asset market.


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