Filecoin’s (FIL) Early Investors Made 100x, Will Gnox (GNOX) Presale Break Records?


Can Gnox cryptocurrency break the record of Filecoin’s presale through new projects?

The best time to invest in a cryptocurrency is early in a cryptocurrency’s life cycle.

For most releases, the first chance for investors to get in on new projects is presales.

Presales are usually split into two categories; investor-only and public. Bigger and more established backers can access the investor-only presale, with funds often going towards the final development of the token. The public presale follows and is where the vast majority of tokens are sold.

One of the most successful presales was Filecoin in 2017. The first stage of its presale raised $52 million and included some notable investors like Union Square Ventures and Sequoia Capital. A further $205m was raised in its ICO, making it the biggest presale on record at the time.

A new cryptocurrency, Gnox, has begun its presale and investors are flocking to take advantage of the opportunity to get into an exciting venture from the ground up.




Filecoin is a DSN (Decentralised Storage Network) powered by its native token FIL. Filecoin looks to take on the giants of Dropbox and Google Drive by making the millions of terabytes that are spare on computers worldwide available to the public. Those that make their storage available on the Filecoin network can earn FIL, and in addition, storage is bought with FIL. Storage availability, including speed of retrieval and cost, is customisable.

The release of Filecoin was more than worth the wait for its investors. In its first week of being on the leading listing platform CoinMarketCap, it increased by more than 150%, from $11.02 to $28.39. Filecoin reached an all-time high of $237.24 in April 2021. Considering the price of the token at its ICO was $5, its peak constitutes a rise of 4600%. If an investor had bought $1000 worth of FIL during the presale, it would have been worth almost $50,000 at its height.


A possibility of Gnox breaking the presale records of Filecoin

Gnox’s presale investors will be optimistic that they can replicate and even surpass the Filecoin presale. It could be argued that it has a more wide-ranging utility than FIL.

Gnox offers “Yield Farming As A Service,” which is a decentralized earning mechanism that allows investors to profit from farming. It is an easy to use and secure way to earn money.

By leveraging the Gnox treasury to provide liquidity within reputable and safe pools, investors can be confident that the Gnox token’s fair market value has an intrinsic upward bias. By implementing their technique across numerous pools that give up to 50% APR, while traditional banks often offer less than 2%, the Gnox advantage becomes evident.

Gnox will ensure sustainable and growing returns by lending and profiting from their services using a portion of their treasury.

Gnox gives its users the ability to conduct cross-chain swaps from network to network. Its holders will be able to find the lowest fees and fastest speeds to carry out their transactions.

The presale price is 0.01. This huge potential increase makes the Gnox presale worth getting involved in. As has been the case with cryptocurrencies such as Solana, Polkadot and Shiba Inu, early investments can yield massive rewards.


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