‘Discord Hacking’ is the ‘Do Not Say the Name’ For NFT Buyers

NFT buyers
NFT buyers

Discord hacking — the emerging threat traumatizing NFT buyers with their crypto wallets in 2022

NFT buyers are now freaking about one of the new forms of cyberattacks — discord hacking in the NFT marketplace. There were two projects in the NFT marketplace such as the Monkey Kingdom and Fractal where victims fell into the traps of discord hacking. Non Fungible Token buyers are getting panic attacks on hearing the new cyberattack term, discord hacking. Let’s explore how the volatile cryptocurrency market and NFT marketplace are getting into the traps of discord hacking in recent times.

Introduction to discord hacking

Discord hacking is the emerging threat to the NFT buyers in the NFT marketplace for affecting NFT transactions. This is an online platform where cyberattacks tend to come and steal all the cryptocurrencies, NFTs, digital assets, and so on. Thus, the new threat has made NFT buyers utterly apprehensive of their investments getting stolen through encountering the discord hacking trap.

Discord hacking tends to happen through a discord channel. It is known as a forum where members can seek all kinds of relevant information related to any topic or even in the NFT marketplace. Discord of an NFT buyers’ project is a platform where developers, investors, artists, and many more can have an effective conversation regarding a wide range of topics.

Discord hacking was successful on Fractal in the NFT marketplace where the cyberattack stole US$150k worth of cryptocurrency from NFT buyers. These NFT buyers found a link shared through the discord channel that was a trap from cybercriminals to get hold of cryptocurrency. They followed the link to connect the cryptocurrency wallets for gaining NFT from the NFT marketplace. But NFT buyers experienced losing cryptocurrencies instead of gaining NFT— cryptocurrency holdings were transferred to scammers.

Thus, discord hacking is a new and modern approach for cybercriminals to gain access to webhooks that help them to send a message to the communities of NFT buyers. Discord hacking is one of the ways to threaten NFT buyers including the creation of unauthorized NFTs, coding errors, and many more fraudulent activities.  

NFT buyers are not at all safe from cyberattacks such as discord hacking because cybercriminals have learned to bypass the 2FA (two-factor authentication) to successfully hack discord forums.

The advanced steps for discord hacking followed to terrorize NFT buyers
  • Cybercriminals target a team member from among the Non Fungible Token buyers to pave through the server to reach out to the potential victim
  • It impersonates the potential victim by ordering a discord forum to ban the person
  • The cybercriminal reaches out to the banned team member as MOD
  • It asks the victim to prove their innocence in front of the NFT marketplace or NFT buyers
  • The victim is asked to reveal the inspect element which consists of all kinds of the relevant information required to fully control the victim’s account

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