Can DAO Help Fund Abortions and Keep Up the Roe v Wade Ruling?


The role of DAO in this abortion rights movement will help increase the global dominance of the crypto market

Abortion rights groups across the US are riled up about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade. And now, as un-fiddling, as cryptocurrencies are, the digital asset market has also entered the abortion rights conversation. In the crazy world of cryptocurrencies, fund-raising through cryptos is quite a common idea. Cryptocurrencies are also making strides in this abortion movement. Earlier, groups like decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, have sent aid to Ukrainian troops during the Russia-Ukraine war. Quite similarly, since the draft opinion of the Supreme Court has been leaked that aims to overturn the Roe v Wade controversy, enterprise leaders and philanthropists are creating abortion-focused DAO.

Creating DAO is one way that these entrepreneurs think would money opportunities for women in more than two dozen states where abortion services may soon be restricted or banned. Although crypto investors prefer to stay anonymous, the Roe v Wade issue has been one of the major societal topics where crypto supporters are not holding off. Previously, DAOs have helped society with several social, environmental, and political causes. Pro-abortion activists are witnessing DAO and the blockchain network as a way to help women fund abortions.

However, blockchain operations also pose some serious privacy issues to women getting abortions. For starters, it crushes anonymity. Women who would be paying for abortion using these funds, along with the ones who are funding this project would be exposed. Nevertheless, non-profit and pro-abortion protestors are quite optimistic about the idea of raising money through DAOs.

Even though pro-abortion games are nothing new, this initiative is quite special, considering the newfound role of cryptocurrencies in global issues. Its increased usage in such popular global issues is only supposed to enhance its global dominance.


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