Bitgert Beats Safemoon In Terms Of Everything

Key Points

  • Bitgert has delivered its roadmap faster than Safemoon
  • Bitgert  coin has been listed on more Tier-1 exchanges
  • Bitgert ecosystem is expanding faster than Safemoon

Safemoon launched 5 months earlier than Bitgert (BRISE) and caused a massive storm as the price of the coin skyrocketed just a few months after the launch. The Safemoon team had put out an attractive roadmap that contained major products that would make Safemoon the next big blockchain ecosystem.

But Safemoon price would collapse a few weeks later, and for more than a year now, the coin has been plummeting. The Safemoon project lost focus, and the delivery of the Safemoon has delayed. In fact, Bitgert, which is quite young compared to the Safemoon project, has outperformed it.

Bitgert has beaten Safemoon in almost everything. Here are just some of the ways Bitgert has outperformed Safemoon:

Roadmap Delivery

If you look at the Safemoon project, the team is still struggling to deliver the first road. This is almost a year since the Safemoon roadmap was released. Safemoon is still lagging behind Bitgert in roadmap delivery. Bitgert delivered the roadmap V1 in less than 200 days of its launch. The Bitgert roadmap V1 had many products, including the BRC20 blockchain.

In fact, Bitgert has its own blockchain, whereas Safemoon is yet to start building its blockchain. Immediately after the Bitgert team launched its blockchain, Safemoon was left miles behind. The launch of the Bitgert roadmap V2 has now left Safemoon many more miles behind.

Ecosystem Growth

Safemoon ecosystem growth is very slow compared to the rate at which the Bitgert ecosystem is growing. The Bitgert team has launched so many products and projects for its ecosystem, more than Safemoon. There are Bitgert products coming from the roadmap V2. There will also be 1000+ Startup Studio projects, which will make Bitgert remain the fastest-growing ecosystem.

Tier-1 Exchange Listing

When it comes to listing the coin on cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitgert is leading Safemoon despite being younger. Bitgert is available on many tier-2 exchanges and recently got listed on and KuCoin, which are major tier-1 exchanges. There are rumors that Bitgert might be listed on the Binance exchange. If this happens, then Safemoon will be miles behind.

These are the major ways that Bitgert has beaten Safemoon. Bitgert is getting stronger every day, and it will be difficult for Safemoon to catch up. This makes Bitgert an ideal crypto investment today.

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