Bitcoin (BTC) Under $30,000, But TechPay Coin Kicks off A Bull Run.

TechPay coin

Have a look at how TechPay Coin’s growth is awe-inspiring when so many cryptos are experiencing losses.

  • The crypto markets remain bearish in the midst of Market Sentiment reflecting “intense fear.”
  • The global crypto market cap is down to $1.28Trillion.
  • Despite the Bearish Conditions of the Crypto Market, One Cryptocurrency is prevailing as the exception, TechPay Coin.


TechPay Coin Skyrocketed 40% In Just The Past 48 Hours.

The Current bearish scenario didn’t pose a threat to TechPay’s growth; TechPay continues to rip through the market, which is red all over, to become the ultimate exception. This growth is awe-inspiring when so many cryptos are experiencing losses.


What Is TechPay Coin (TPC)?

TechPay Coin is the Native Token of TechPay Chain; the Infinitely Scalable Layer-1 Blockchain Network is 43,000 times faster than Bitcoin, 20,000 times faster than Ethereum, and surprisingly 4.5 times faster than Bitcoin Solana, all while requiring transaction fees equivalent to a fraction of a cent.

The Throughput Capabilities of the Decentralized Proof-of-Stake TechPay Chain Equals 300,000+ Transactions per Second with a Transaction Time-to-Finality of mere 504 Milliseconds, which makes TechPay World’s First & Fastest Blockchain to Achieve Sub-Second Transaction Finality.

Apart from the unparalleled performance, TechPay’s EVM-Compatible Blockchain delivers, It overcomes the trilemma of Blockchain, which is that a blockchain can’t profit from Decentralization, Scalability, and Security; it needs to compromise one element to work. TechPay Coin consolidated all three characteristics as far as possible.

TechPay developed the Sirius protocol. Sirus combines the (Acyclic Directed Graph) DAG and the pBFT(Practical Byzantine Fault-Tolerant) consensus, making transactions possible to be processed and signed in a secure manner with lightning speed.


Speculative Reasons for TPC Increasing in Value:

  • TechPay Launched The Bridge with Binance Smart Chain & Became one of the very few Layer-1 Blockchains to have an Interoperable Bridge.
  • The Wrapped TechPay Coin (WTPC), i.e., The Bridged Token Got Live on Pancakeswap, The AMM Decentralized Exchange.
  • TechPay Coin is The Official Platinum Sponsor of the Crypto Expo Singapore organized by HQMeena.


What’s Next For TechPay Coin?

TechPay Team has revealed to its community that Another Centralized Exchange Listing is on the way; the statement included that Formal Agreements are already in place regarding the listing.

The Listing Collaboration with another Top-Tier Crypto Exchange will add credibility & community to the project.

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