Shiba Inu on Buy the Dip Phase! Are Investors Interested in the Gamble?

Shiba Inu

As Shiba Inu is in the dip phase one of the most important questions is, are investors interested in the gamble?

The year 2022 is not going as predicted for cryptocurrencies. The crypto market is in the dip phase especially the cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu. The Shiba Inu is the reason a huge percentage of cryptocurrency investors are in the market today. The coin growth in 2021 was mind-blowing after posting a 50,000,00% price increase, which attracted many investors. The coin made even the initial investors that had even US$10 worth of SHIB tokens super-rich. Amidst the crypto meltdown, several crypto coins are losing their sheen. One such example is Shiba Inu, which once was among the top 10 digital tokens, but now is struggling to hold its place in the top-15. And now, as it is in the dip phase one of the most important questions is, are investors interested in the gamble?


Shiba Inu faces hurdles

While 2021 was a breakout year for cryptocurrency gains, it didn’t improve mainstream adoption all that much. The measure of future success for a token like Shiba Inu is whether businesses are willing to accept it as payment, which should drive consumers to use it. A currency that climbs in value by millions of percentage points and then loses more than half its value — all in a year — is no friend to a business that needs predictable cash flow. And that triggers a knock-on effect; if businesses won’t take Shiba Inu, consumers have no reason to own it, except as a speculative bet.

Further, the crypto industry landscape is shifting. It is decentralized, unregulated nature that was a draw for so many investors is soon to evaporate as the U.S. government and its regulatory bodies seek to impose new rules. Under new legislation proposed for 2023, investors may be liable for taxes on cryptocurrency gains every time they sell, exchange, or spend their tokens. And brokers will be required to report such data to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), lifting the precious veil of anonymity.

Like many asset classes in which speculation is prevalent, regulators are trying to minimize losses for unsuspecting retail investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking at whether the majority of crypto assets should be classed as securities, which would force exchanges to fall within strict audit and compliance standards to prevent nefarious activity and market manipulation.


Shiba Inu era is coming to an end

The Shiba Inu era is coming to an end, and all signs are there. The huge number of well-performing coins, like Bitgert, is expediting the crashing process. Important to note is that Bitgert and Centcex are utility projects, while Shiba Inu is a meme coin. This is the biggest difference that Bitgert and other coins have over SHIB.

The meme coin lacked utility and had no specific project the team was building. The demand for the coin was created by the hype from the massive market. That’s what happened to Shiba Inu. Now that the hype is dead, the coin is crashing. Unless the Shiba Inu team addresses these issues, the era of once most powerful coin is ending. But what is keeping crypto investors from giving up on this cryptocurrency?


Introduction to the ShibaBurn Portal for crypto investors

It will take a long period of time for the SHIBA army to make the price reach US$1 with the launch of the official Shibaswap burn portal. This new portal is focused on providing a Web3 wallet to crypto investors to burn Shiba Inu tokens and earn money with passive income rewards for effective participation. It is reported that there was an increase of 347.35% of this Shiba Inu burning mechanism.

This ShibaBurn portal will send the tokens to a remote crypto wallet address with the unsaved details. Crypto investors or SHIBA army cannot retrieve the data in the nearby future. The portal is determined to motivate crypto investors to burn the cryptocurrency to make a supply scarcity in the cryptocurrency market. Thus, the demand will increase and the price will automatically increase to drive profit in crypto wallets.


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