Dogecoin and EverGrow Coin – How High can Prices Go this 2022?

DogecoinDogecoin and the EverGrow coin are in tough competition to become the best in 2022

Dogecoin and EverGrow Coin are two of the breakout searches on Google trends for crypto-related activity this April.

The question on many people’s minds is: ‘how high can prices go?’

Dogecoin made unimaginable gains last year, minting its first millionaire and reaching over 4 million digital wallets. The Dogecoin price rose from $0.04 at the beginning of last year to an all-time high of $0.74 in May.

But while Dogecoin might be known as the ‘people’s crypto’ – and also enjoy backing from Tesla CEO Elon Musk and investor Mark Cuban – how high can its price go in 2022? And with so much interest in EverGrow Coin, can it also see a huge price increase this year?


EverGrow Coin

EverGrow Coin has had an outstanding April so far. The EverGrow Coin price is currently $0.000000504 and is up 8% in the last 24 hours. Even better, EverGrow Coin has actually grown 32% from its April low of $0.000000381.

The current spike in EverGrow Coin prices is linked to its recent listing on the DigiFinex crypto exchange. For a cryptocurrency with a modest market cap of $200 million, EverGrow Coin has enjoyed an impressive volume of over $2 million every day since the listing.

All this volume is leading to a record coin burn thanks to the EverGrow Coin model. The token charges a 14% tax on buy/sell orders, with 8% paid directly as BUSD reflections to investors and 2% set aside to buy up $EGC tokens and burn them to remove them permanently from the supply.

Increased volume is expected to see 5 trillion EverGrow Coins burned every month – about 0.5% of the total supply. The coin burns will register as a green candle on the chart, boosting prices and creating even more interest in EverGrow Coin.



Dogecoin has a current price of $0.125 – about 84% down from its all-time high of $0.74. Wondering how high Dogecoin will go in 2022 is critical for investors to make a profit from the world’s most popular meme-coin.

There are wild theories about Dogecoin hitting $1 and then $100. But, as Marca explained, a price of $100 would need Dogecoin to reach a market cap of $18 trillion (its market cap is currently $16.5 billion).

This is extremely unlikely, as the total crypto market cap is currently $1.8 trillion. Furthermore, it would mean an investment higher than the GDP of China which is around $15 trillion. It’s an exciting prospect, but not something you should remortgage your house on.

Should Bitcoin see another rally in 2022 it’s likely that Dogecoin can also creep back towards its all-time high. However, according to Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev, the cryptocurrency faces two major problems to see a price rise in Dogecoin this year.

The first of these is that Dogecoin has an unlimited supply – this gives $DOGE an inflationary rate of around 5% per year. Secondly, for Dogecoin to really become the ‘people’s crypto’ it will need to ramp up its transaction speeds.

If Dogecoin can get past its hurdles it’s like the answer to the question ‘how high can the Dogecoin price go?’ will be an exciting prospect. nd the EverGrow coin is in tough competition to become the best in 2022


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